Commercial Clients

“We wear the cost so you don’t have to”



A dedicated full facility office for staff to work from.


High performance digital equipment for professional call making.

Digital Marketing

Adept with Facebook marketing and online digital marketing.

Cold Calls

Open to cold calling, staff trained for 100-150 calls a day.

Take Your Campaign To
The Next Level

FP has worked with Solar and RTO clients to help reach their goals through phone sales.

Our staff have worked to generate, engage and close hundreds of customers. Our conversion rates match the industry norm and profit generated for some clients was well into 6 figures within a few months. 

Ask us if there is room in our budget for your campaign!

Face to Face (F2F)

Transition Your
Next Campaign

If you aren't utalising face to face marketing, you are leaving money on
the table.

At the moment we are preparing to launch a F2F campaign for one of our Telesales clients. FP has the recourses and the skills to bring whatever campaign you are interested in marketing to a F2F market through our leasing connections, our knowledge of the territory and our staff’s ability to close deals. 

We will work closely to find the right presentation materials and scripting necessary to achieve the desired result. Within a few weeks you can expect to receive a positive ROI. 

We Are Experienced With




Mortgage Brokerage Clients

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Find out how we can help you transition to the F2F market or
strengthen your presence.