Charity Clients

Our Standards

25 year old minimum age requirement

We set the minimum limit of the donors we aquire at 25 years of age. Young people can be great givers, and so they will not be lost, but instead redirected to the clients main website.

Waysact &
Floodgate Powered

FP is setup and well versed with Waysact and Floodgate software so that data exports are done seamlessly and with the clients integration needs in mind.

Our Statistics

8 Out Of 10

Of all donors are acquired with an instant First Debit (IFD)

We know the benefits of this tool and do not shy away from using it. Our team is highly trained on obtaining valid and successful IFDs which has greatly benefited all of our clients that utilize it. Ask us how!

95% Credit And Debit Card
Acquisition Rate

Less than 5% BSB & Account Number generation

We share a common goal with out clients and strive to reach the ROI as soon as possible. Ask us how this small restriction generates longer lasting and more profitable donors for our clients.

Industry Leading Retention Data

Available upon request or through a reference to an existing client

For Your Peace Of Mind


Public Liability Insurance

100% Employment Model

Experience with Running Multiple Campaigns Simultaneously

Capable of Managing Large Budgets

Long Term Client Relationships

Work Cover



ReAcq Powered

We track our stats with you, give you your own dashboard at no extra cost, and let you see reporting live, because we believe in true transparency.

Covid Safe Plan

The Covid-19 pandemic has been an uncertain time for everyone. First purpose has brought a bit of certainty back to business through our government compliant Covid-19 safe plan.

Our Team

Expert & Long Term

Our foundations are built upon mentoring and tutoring long lasting employees that share our vision. Most of our staff have been with us for years and treat the position like a career choice rather than a temporary position.

PFRA Compliant

All staff are trained to abide by the PFRA regulations and guidelines and each employee is required to complete not only the PFRA online training quiz before their first shift, but the FP in-house training quiz. You can view the PFRA Shopping Standards here.

Multiple Campaigns

Our long term staff have been extensively tested against multiple campaigns and clients. (Inclusive of: Medical research, Humanitarian, and Environmental).

On Field
Management Style

Managers work directly with the team
not from a desk.

Managers work directly with the team

not from a desk.

Our Location

Gold Coast

Our Home.

With our head office based in the heart Surfers Paradise, our team of Gold Coast locals are deeply intertwined with the local community, providing authentic connections to patrons based on their common residency and genuine rapport. FP’s Gold Coast team services centers ranging from Tweed Heads all the way to the Logan Shire.


Our 2nd Home.

With Brisbane just a short drive away have trained and continue to manage a second office within the heart of Brisbane. Our team there services all of the inner and surrounding suburbs of Queensland’s Capital.

Road Trips

Our Travel.

We have been testing different markets around the country and know the regions with the best volume and best retention that allow us very explosive short term travel trips. These states include, Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, Tasmania and South Australia.


Our New Home.


Coming soon.